1st (2006)

Bogeys & Beer

The 1st October Classic was thrown together  very quickly, and with very little fanfare. Players included Pat Morrison, Chris Leclair, Mike Vienneau, and myself. My recollection of the event is as such: It was a chilly day, and Chris won with absolute authority. He had the tournament jacket locked up by the 12th or 13th hole. Pat and Mike had a couple skins to show for their effort. And I, the tournament architect, wasn't even able to gather one freaking skin out of a possible 36!  
 It was a good thing I didn't own a dog back then, cause it would have been beaten very badly that night (just kidding folks).
The prize back then was a green jacket from the Red Cross. It was bought for about 3$, and included at no extra cost, was the ever so slight, scent of urine. The booze that year was a bottle of J&B scotch. It was only in the following year that the trademark brown jacket and a bottle of 40 Creek materialized as the traditional prize.  
Pictures aren't that great, due to the fact I used a disposable camera that year, and only scanned the pics after.

Sportsmen shaking hands after a competitive day.
Chris Leclerc, the inaugural Octoberman!