11th (2016)

The Brown Bear Drinks From A Brown Cup

2016 marks year one of the Brown Cup Era. And while one era just got started, another one continued: 2016 marked the second year of the Brown Bear Era. "Brown Bear?" you ask? That is Don Bouchard's new Classic nickname. In the Classic, when you win more than one Cup, you get a nickname. Porter is Saint October and Johnny O is Johnny October.

At any rate, the Donald wins again this year with a twenty foot putt on the 17th hole. Pretty amazing actually. Amazing to see that level of talent found within our ranks of brown.

Unfortunately, for this year, I am not going to write up that much. It's been almost three weeks since the 11th Classic, and I have forgotten almost everything about it. Well, almost everything except for the amount of fun and sun we had. I sure as hell won't forget about that for quite a while.

As for the Notes and Quotes this year, I don't have much.

-Dustin exclaiming how much he loved his particular snack of pretzels, cereal, and Cheetos. Not sure what it's called, but he went on about how he wished someone would make a sandwich out of that combo.

-By far the greatest day ever weatherwise. It was almost 22C?! (70F?)

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Amy was soo drunk!

Tight and troublesome jacket

Chipping off into the Brown Cup

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"That was awful"

Spackler Group

Ty Webb Group

Al Czervik Group

The Brown Round

The Brown Bear and his Brown Cup!


Winning putt

Damn Yankees