13th (2018)

A Yankee (Doodle) Dandy Snatches the Brown Cup from Canada's Clutches

This was the year that the Americans finally won the Brown Cup. It's been a looong time coming. As a secret American myself, I could almost feel their pain of year in, year out, coming, then going without a damn thing to show for their efforts (besides of course, a good time). It's also one of those rare times when someone backed up into the Brown Cup. Phil won the cup on the last hole only because Mike V was able to win the hole over Johnny O (Phil actually lost the 18th hole). This blocked crucial points to Johnny.

Phil's Take

"So… 23 days later… and I’m still basking in my glory.  I’ve finally decided to stop sleeping with the Brown Cup.  I would have written this sooner, but I didn’t follow your advice and I had a beer out of the Cup.  Just got out of the ICU. 


Awesome day, as usual…always fun and worth the ride up.  The roster was a little light on Americans this year… so Johnny B and I had to step our BMA game, (and also because we know we can’t actually win anything golf related).  OR SO WE THOUGHT!!!!


As always, the October Classic can be won by winning a few right holes at the right time.  That was the case in our group.  We surprisingly didn’t push any of the first 3 or 4 holes… but then they piled up and I almost chipped in to win a bunch of skins on some hole.  I don’t know which one… Don had his homemade booze again.


Speaking of Don, once I got to the Brown Round, I couldn’t have had a better cart mate and caddy than the Brown Bear himself.  His back was tightening up, so we don’t have the full roar from the bear… but he kept reminding me to take my time and was instrumental in the most strategic time to use that Brown Round Mulligan.  (Which ended up not making a bit of difference… but still)


It was awesome to have all the rest of the October Warriors come down to the 17th green and then follow us up the 18th fairway.  Very cool!  And then the weird dynamic of not winning the hole but winning the Brown Cup was plenty okay with me! 


Good times for sure!  And extra proud to be the first double winner of the BMA and Brown Cup in the same year.  Looking forward to defending my title… by gloriously flaming out by the 5th hole next year!"


Notes and Quotes

We had a couple old school fools returning to the fold this year. Chris Leclerc and Mike V! Chris and Mike were both at the inaugural Classic way back in 2006. Things have changed quite a bit since that original four-some. 

Erick Caron has joined the shenanigans this year. He golfed very well for really never having golfed before. I was stupefied every time I saw him swing.

"What's up nutsack?" --Erick Caron to Mike V 

"Well, I've certainly left drunker" --John Hebert

will throw in a few pics on this site within a day or two (oct 22)