3rd (2008)

The Battle for the Brown

Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank in trying to remember any details about the 3rd October Classic. Unlike in '07, in '08 I was way too cabbaged* to act in any sort of capacity as the official witness for the tournament. Though, I do remember that the sportsmen involved were Stuart Dunbar, Gilles Michaud, Paul McCarthy, and myself. Fortunately, I took a lot of pics that day.  
A few hazy details I can still draw on,  include Stu winning rather handedly, and then being surprised that he actually won something. I think his words may, or may not have been, when handed the prized brown jacket, "I won something?  Huh.  What's this thing?"
*I looked up euphemisms for "drunk" and got "cabbaged" off a BBC list.

Stu 1st/brown jacket and 40 oz of Rye
Paul 2nd**/12 pack
Gilles 3rd**/gopher head cover
Nick 4th/bag of used golf balls
**Paul traded his 12 pack to Gilles for the head cover. 







 Ahh yes, the glorious tradition of the brown jacket continues.
Last year's Octoberman welcomes in the latest entry into this very select club...
From left to right: Nicolas Labbe, Gilles Michaud, Stuart Dunbar, Paul McCarthy

 Stuart Dunbar, the 3rd Octoberman!