4th (2009)

Worlds Colliding

This year's was a real doozy. So much so, that once again I find myself at a complete loss remembering all that happened.  However, I do remember that we had a record amount of sportsmen attending.  That's always a good thing, as it shows this little bullshit tournament of mine is picking up some steam.  We had like 10 guys, maybe?  This year's winner, was none other than Paul "the Gray" McCarthy (first time winner).  Due to his prolific prowess as a hack golfer, for the first time in the history of the contest, we now have a favorite for a repeat winner. 
From my pictures of it, it would seem that the award ceremony went very well (again, I forget most of the day).  And although Stuart wasn't able to play this year due to a wrist injury, he was still classy enough to show up at the end for the awarding of the Brown Jacket to the latest member of the Octobermen. That task being completed, we now took the opportunity for a unique photo op, that would include most of all past and present Octobermen.  A historical moment indeed.  On a side note, Chris, you're going to have to make sure you show up in East coast at some point in October. 
One of the funnier things to happen that day was at the very end.  Having just wrapped up the jacket awarding ceremony, we were now loitering around the 18th hole like a bunch of surly teenagers at a dilapidated mini-mall.  It was at this exact point, that we as a group, had now reached maximum velocity as far as intoxication goes.  And, it also was at this very exact moment, another group of golfers spilled out of the clubhouse, with their OWN freaking fancy jackets.  They were as drunk as us, and were celebrating their own booze infused golf traditions (I think it was a Provincial Tournament to tell you the truth). We looked at them, they looked at us, and the tension suddenly became very thick.  Our group represented the "hackish", and their group represented the "haughty".  It was worlds colliding in every sense.  I can only imagine it must be akin to the silence that might precede a furious motorcycle gang battle...  Maybe? 
...And then someone burped, and then we all broke out laughing.  So we shared our prize bottle of 40 Creek with these guys to celebrate in the spirit of booze and brethren (see pics).  It was a beautiful thing indeed.  Though, if I recall correctly, I think one of their guys was a complete asshole and Paul at one point, may or may not have mused out loud, saying that he was inches from punching him in the face.  Too bad that action didn't actually materialize.  It would have definitely made the cut for the "noteworthy events" that follow immediately after this write up.. 
 Notes & Quotes 
-Green/yellow clown wig worn by Eric Morin: I honestly did not see that one coming.
-The fad of that particular day was drinking two bottles at once.   
-Paul going shirtless to accept his jacket (once again I did not see that one coming).
-Alex drinking bottles and bottles of wine. And when I say bottles, I mean he was drinking straight out of them. I should mention this was wine that he cooked up at his own place. The kind that tastes like a combination of rubbing alcohol and grape juice.
-Eric Morin wins the the first Bill Murray Award, hands down (or pants down).


The invite
The Jacket and the Rye


Modern life.

The winner of the first Bill Murray Award, Eric Morin.






"The Greatest Shot in The World" or else
"The Drunk Driver Admires his Work"

Stu Dunbar, last year's Octoberman, awarding this year's champ with his first Brown Jacket. 
Not exactly sure on why Paul detests this picture; I think it's absolutely 'sublime' (Seinfeld reference). 
Paul being swept off his feet with October pride.  It's almost as if he floating away from Stuart (much to Stuart's chagrin), who at this point is simply trying to finish his job of adorning the latest member of the Octobermen.
2010 October Classic, from left to right:
Alex Rideout, Gilles Michaud, Eric Morin, Mike Vienneau, Paul McCarthy, Ryan Porter, Erik Theriault, Nicolas Labbe 
A very unique opportunity for group portrait of all past and present Octobermen. 
rom left to right: Paul McCarthy '09, Stuart Dunbar '08, and Nicolas Labbe '07
(missing from picture Chris Leclerc '06)
Award a special jacket to someone, give him a wee bit o' whisky, and it all starts
to go to his head.  Yes, Paul is actually now closing his eyes as he talks to people!
Ahh yes, what a pretentious prick.
The architect of this fine and autumnal tournament.
You're welcome...
  Paul McCarthy, the 4th Octoberman!