October 08, 2019
What Was Old is Now New (And Older?)

Congrats to the newest/oldest Octoberman Chris Leclerc!

October 1, 2019
Brown Week! ...and Fun Facts!

Welcome to Brown Week, that unholiest of weeks. For at least one day this week, I would highly recommend that wear one article of brown. Think of it as a tool to help you reflect on this tournament of jackassery. I will go as far as finding the bearing of the GF golf course and actually genuflect towards it (not true).

I was looked at our Historical Record last night and saw that I could add a new detail--winners of the Bill Murray Award! While bearing the Brown Cup may be our highest honor, to don the clown's crown is just as lofty an air in my book.

I also saw some interesting fun facts in our record that I would feel remiss in not bringing up to all of you.

1. I am the most consistent player. 13 out of 13 appearances. Hmm, maybe that's not so much a fun fact, as a dumb fact, as it is my tournament. Speaking of, does anybody want it? Because you can have it. For the love of God, please, please take it from me! I am THIS close to leaving it in a basket on the front of the local church. Haha, kidding. Mostly.

2. Stu Dunbar is the most clutch guy to ever play this game. He played one time and won it all. And then he never came back. I ask him every year to come back,  but he'll chuckle and say "no". Then, for old time's sake, I'll gently persist and ask again, to which he'll reply, "I just told you NO, now fuck off!". This middle of the night call will always be punctuated by the crisp sound of a phone slamming into its receiver. Oh Stu, you are an incorrigible one. Maybe next year Stu, maybe next year. 

3. Speaking of clutch, Pierre is the least clutch guy to play this. 7 Classics with no Brown Round. He's fast becoming this tournament's Cleveland Indians. But hey, maybe this year? No pressure though..

4. Denis is approaching his 10th Classic! One decade of bad golf and even worse hangovers. He is partly to blame though for Pierre's not-so-fun fact, for he has been in 4 out of 9 Brown Rounds. That's a good record. 

5. As far as Brown Rounds go, Rob P is very clutch, 4 times played, 4 Brown Rounds. But never the Brown Cup.

6. While Pierre may be lacking in Brown Round appearances, he is tied with several other players for the clown crown of the Classic. He, Phil, John B, and Heebs are all tied for the lead with 2 Bill Murray Awards each. If any of these guys win this year, they will be indeed the clown prince of the October Classic. But hey, no pressure.

September 22, 2019

October! It's that oh so very special month for the readers of these electronic pages. For the sportsmen of the October Classic the promise of another October is the only reason that we wake up for in the every single morning of the year (Or is that just me?). For us, there's nothing like the smell of brown in October and there is nothing like hoisting the Brown Cup over one's own shoulders in the waning cool but colorful light of the tenth month of the year. Maybe this will be your year. Are you ready? I sure as fuck am.

A couple notes. First. we have three rookies! Paul Violette, another damn yankee that Phil and John hauled in. He's supposed to be Hebert's replacement. Big shoes to fill in my fiend, big clown shoes indeed. Then I have two guys that I tricked from work into playing. They are under some sort of impression that is a "classy" affair. Haha, yeah right. The first is James Brewster and the second is Brian Shannon. Both are are quite decent golfers. That almost disqualified them right there. I think I already have a nickname for James though, "Jimmy Brewski".  

Also, 18 holes and a cart is going to set you back 40$ this year. That's a pretty damn fine price considering normally it's 60 something dollars. So kudos to to the GF golf course for being the finest blue collar course out there. I can't think of any other decent course that would put up with our shit. 

I will send up another write up a week before the contest with final notes regarding handicaps and rules.