Sept 14, 2018


October! It's a very special month for the readers of these electronic pages. For the sportsmen of the October Classic the promise of another October is the only reason that we wake up for in the every single morning of the year (Or is that just me?). For us, there's nothing like the smell of brown in October and there is nothing like hoisting the Brown Cup over one's shoulders Maybe this will be your year. Are you ready? I am.

There are a few new/old faces this year that I feel I should mention. Chris Leclerc, the inaugural Octoberman, is back with us after a 12 year hiatus! Back then, there were only 4 of us who participated in the contest. I fashioned a tournament where I, as a horrible golfer, might have a chance to win something in my life. I though if I introduced "super skins" as a gaming concept, then I would always be in the running. Not so. I didn't one skin at the 1st October Classic. But that's another story. Another returning sportsmen is Mike V! He hasn't been with us since 2011 I believe. But until then, he was quite the regular guy (was at the 1st Classic as well!). As for new guys, Erick Caron is the new face. Not sure what his golf experience is, but he's good peoples, and I think he is going to become a fast favorite for everyone. 
So without further ado, here are the 2018 groups! Americans, I contacted Heebs numerous times and he wasn't able to get back to me. If you can think of another person to bring along to join your group, just go ahead and add them. Just give me a heads up so I can update the groups.

Johnny October
Denis Ouellette
Mike Caron
Pierre G

Phil Doucette
John B

Don "The Brown Bear" Bouchard
Ben "Son of Brown Bear" Bouchard
Chris Leclerc

Erick Caron
Mike V
Nick Labbe

So that's about it for now. Will update one more time before the Classic. Looking forward to seeing all you guys again! 

Oh, last year we only had one guy dress up for the Bill Murray Award, so I hope we can this streak alive by at least one dressing up again?

August 29, 2018
New Year, Same Shame

Invites were sent out earlier this week. Quick and complete response. Looks like we'[re doing 16 guys guys again this year. Amazing. You guys must really, really, like this.

Looking at this site today for the first time in months, I see that google has upended their sites program. So, there is a good chance when I find some time, I might just move over to this new style of google-site (that's what this site is based on). What does that mean? Basically, it will be a new look site and hopefully more user friendly for interacting (commenting etc etc).
So, hopefully in a couple weeks, we will have a much snappier site to work with. I'll keep you all posted--because of course I will.

By the way, if a guy doesn't give me a response from the previous year's invite, then I won't bother sending out an invite the following year (unless approached). That's always been my protocol.