October 10, 2017
Brown Felicitations!!

The 12th October Classic Champion!

The 2017 Bill Murray Award Winner!

September 10, 2017
Let Brown Bloom

The boozy, brown grail of autumnal lore

September 09, 2017

Here are the 2017 groupings. Group titles are based on our games legends. Those who have won more than one Brown Cup, have nicknames bestowed upon (in addition to initial title, "Brownman"). Johnny will have a slight handicap for first round. Possible handicaps for the Brown Round if any, will be visited at that time. 

Saint October Group
John Hebert
Phil Doucette
PJ Madore
John B

Johnny October Group
Johnny O (+1 for par 5s first round)
Denis Ouellette
Pierre G
Leigh Brooks

The Brown Bear Group
Don Bouchard
Dustin "28-3" Curtis
Ben Bouchard
Nick Labbe

September 1, 2017
WE'RE back Baby!